3 for 2 Temporary Blinds

3 for 2 Temporary Blinds

Mix & Match

How do you measure for Temporary Blinds?

If the blinds is covering the whole recess the measure the width and drop of the recess in 3 places and choose the size that is larger.

If you are covering each glass pane then measure the width and drop of the glass and select a size that is larger. Remember as they are formed from paper one blind can be cut to cover more than one pane of glass.


Which colour temporary blinds would be best for me?

You individual need is the key to this question.

Blackout – If you wish to block out as much light as possible then pick the Blackout option.

Light Filtering – If you wish to use the blind for privacy but still keep the room quite bright then pick the White, Cream of Cafe.

Room Darkening – If you wish to darken the room so you can see the TV more clearly then the Grey or Chocolate would be the most suitable.

What comes in the box?

Your Instershade Temporary Blind.

2 clips for use to hold the blind open when required.

The instructions on installing you blind are on the outside of the packaging and include some pictures to illustrate the stages and instruct on use.

Will my Temporary blind always obstruct my window?

Only if you want it to.

If you wish to open the blind then you can just concern the pleats and use the supplied clips to the blind up.

When needed again just remove the clips and the blind will drop gently back in place.

Are Instershade Child Safe?

Yes, As their are no cords or chains they are Safe by Design.

Can I buy additional clips?

Yes, We stock additional clips in both White and Blackout.

Are the blinds reusable?

Yes, when you wish to move them just apply a little heat with a hairdryer to soften the adhesive and gently peel off.

How is the best way to get good blackout?

Where possible use one blackout blinds across the recess wall to wall.

If more than one blind is required then overlap the fabric to reduce gaps.

Whats the easiest way to cut the blinds?

The easiest method is to concertina the blinds together and cut through it with a sharp knife.

Do the blinds increase security?

Yes, one of the greatest uses is to mount them in a house that is temporarily unoccupied so that potential burgers or squatters can not see through the windows and so will think twice.