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Choosing Lounge Blinds.

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Choosing Lounge Blinds.

Choosing Lounge Blinds

When thinking of getting window furnishings you don’t want to just take in the idea of colour you want to think about how it would effect a room in regards to light and privacy, for a lounge for instance you don’t want to take all the light away as can leave the room lifeless and dark, you want the room to be a place of entertainment and relaxation with out the need for putting people to sleep. You may also want to keep it private as you may have a window that faces out to a street meaning people can just peer in without any trouble. You have a few options when it comes to putting products in your window to get the most out of your room.


Sheer/Voile fabric roller are perfect for privacy and making sure that light can still stream into the room. This fabric allows for anyone inside the building to be able to see out but it stops people from looking in, now this only works for time during the day when it starts to get dark the light from your room makes it possible for people to view in from the outside so have another blind that can counter act is will eradicate this issue such as a roman blind or curtains. These options allow for you to have them drawn away in the day time and drawn closed when it gets dark keeping eyes out of your home but also offering the added benefit of warmth.


Wood Venetians add a nice warm depth to any window but they also are great for privacy and control of the light. With the ability to tilt the slats you can control how much light you would like in the room but you can also tilt to a point where you can get light stream in and keep eyes out. We provide a range of colours and styles to suit most living spaces, the lighter the colour the more reflection of light can be passed through into your room.


Aluminium Venetians work in essentially the same way as the Wood Venetians, although they may not be as warm or as effective they are very cost effective and come in a much wider range of colours and finishes. They are also slightly more tolerable to moisture then that of a wood range, so if you have any condensation that appears on your windows we would recommend a water resistant product or an aluminium venetian.


Vertical blinds work effectively on floor to ceiling recesses, by all means you can put vertical blinds where ever you want but they look a lot more effective in a recess that is floor to ceiling as you can really get the full impact of there usability. Vertical blinds have a great use just like the wood venetian and thats the control you have with the light that can come into your room, you can control the amount and the direction of the light with the added ability to move aside the louvres (Fabric slats) to either the left or the right of the recess.

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