Why Choose A Vertical Blind

Vertical Blinds

Vertical Blinds are by far the most popular choice for Patio Doors as they draw back to the side of the recess to give an excellent view of your garden.

Privacy Control

Vertical Blinds are ideal for controlling your privacy as you can rotate the slats to an angle where others can not see inside, this also assists in controlling the light entering the room when the sun is at its brightest.

They are great for security for similar reasons as it is also difficult to tell if people are present.

Large Recesses

Vertical blinds are ideal for larger recesses such as patio doors as they can be drawn back to the side when not in use.

Due to their nature they are also one of the most cost effective solutions for large windows or doors.

Water Resistant

Completely Waterproof Vertical Blind fabrics are available which can literally be showered daily without damaging the fabric, just wipe them down afterwards to prevent watermarks.

Child Safe By Design

All of our Vertical Blinds are supplied with a Wand as standard contour making them completely Child Safe by Design.

Vertical Blind Facts

  • All of our Vertical Blinds are supplied with a Wand as standard contour making them completely safe.
  • We supply all of our Vertical Blinds with heavier weights that don’t require stabilising chains.
    (This avoids the chains getting damaged or get caught up with pets or present a safety issue with children.)
  • They can be made to larger widths than most other blinds.
  • Dark colours absorb more light at the window and so can tone down a strong south facing window.

Some Things To Be Aware Of

  • When pulled back the stack will remain into a recess by decided by the number of slat holders.
  • Vertical Blinds are made up of whole slats and so the last slat at the sides may overlap more.
  • Vertical Blinds are not the best Blackout option as their are gaps around the blind and between slats.
  • The slats will always take up a fair part of your window sill when they are drawn.

All fittings supplied

All of the fittings required to fit your Vertical Blind are also supplied along with fitting instructions.

FREE Sample Service

To help you decide on the right colour of your Blind we also offer a FREE Sample Service, so you can get a real sample of the Fabric, to allow you to see it in the room it will be positioned.

3 Year Guarantee

All of our Made to Measure Vertical Blinds come with a 3 Year Guarantee as we only use manufacturers we know we can rely on.

FREE Delivery

There is also FREE Delivery on all orders over £99.

Expert Advice

We have a “Live Chat” system so you can ask questions live to assist you in making decisions.

You will also find advice on how to Measure and Fit Vertical Blinds in the How To section.

Ask us your questions, where possible include a photo, they say a 1000 words.

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