Visual aid to Measuring Bay Windows.

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Measuring Bay Windows

When it comes to measuring for a bay a lot more is taken into account, angles, distances and position. When putting blinds round a bay make sure you take into account our advice as it may be tricky if you don’t know exactly what you are doing. We aim to guide you through the process and to give you advice on the easiest way to measure for a bay window. If you struggle then out live chat service is able to help or just send us an email either way we will do our best to make sure you are able to get what you need measured.

Instructions on how to Measure Bay Windows.

  • Measure out and cut the bracket template for your product.
  • Record handle depths.
  • Add extra 10mm.
  • You want the back of the bracket out to that measurement.
  • Place the templates at the right depth.
  • Never overlap the brackets the blinds won’t fit.
  • You want the corners touching.
  • Make sure to get the depths correct.
  • In a bay shifting blinds to the left is normal as it corrects the alignment.
  • Make sure to add the ends.
  • Measure from bracket to bracket to get your blind sizes.
  • Its important to make it as accurate as possible.

Expert Advice

We have a “Live Chat” system so you can ask questions us your specific questions on how to Measuring Bay Windows..

Ask us your questions, where possible include a photo, they say a 1000 words.