Choosing the appropriate blind to suit your kitchen.

What you need to know about getting a kitchen blind is that properties of the material are important. If your kitchen gets very steamy and moist it would be ideal and recommended to get a fabric that can tolerate water.

When it comes to why you should choose a water resistant material over a standard material it is because anything that hasn’t got the property that repels water in a moist environment is more likely to be damaged in a short period of time. We strongly recommend that water resistant materials should be your only choice when putting blinds up in a moist room.


Roller blinds

Roller blinds are perfect as you can get materials that not only repel the water they can also blackout the room giving this product more than one functionality. The range of fabrics for roller blinds are very vast and a lot of the water resistant fabrics are a PVC based material meaning that they can also be cleaned by method of scrubbing without any damage to the fabric. With the PVC fabric not only is it cleanable, water resistant and blackout it also doesn’t absorb odours from cooking that can leave your room with a particular smell.



Faux wood

is becoming more popular as people are moving trends to more natural wood related decor. We provide a polyvinyl ‘wood’ venetian that can withstand any moisture that it encounters making it perfect for any kitchen. It replicates the look of a real wood venetian with grain and colour. Faux wood venetians are great for privacy as the slats can be tilted to allow control of the light and also privacy from the outside.


Vertical blinds

can also be supplied with water resistant fabrics giving you a very dynamic choice in product and fabric. This type of product is perfect for wide windows and/or doors. French doors are a popular  in a kitchen as they tend to have a very wide recess it is hard to find a blind that can cover that width. Vertical blinds are perfect for this sort of situation and can be pulled to the side when you want to get out. This product works on a wand and track system and can easily be slid either to the left or to the right.


If you make sure that you take into account these points you will be able to safely purchase a blind that will withstand moisture and also last a lot longer than non water resistant products. We like to provide our knowledge so that you know 100% what you are purchasing.