Why Choose an Aluminium Venetian

Aluminium Venetians

Aluminium Venetian Blinds are a popular choice to put at the front of the house and in doorways.

Privacy and Security

Like there Wooden counterparts they are a popular choice for Privacy. The slats can be adjusted to a 45 degree angle.

This allows natural light into the room, whilst making it more difficult for passes by to see into the room.

If you wish to have plenty of natural light, go for a very light colour, the light will bounce through the slats

The same virtues for Privacy also make them ideal for security. Obscuring Burglars view in to your home.

If you leave a light on a timer, it can make burglars believe someone is home.

Patio Doors

Aluminium Venetians have a much smaller stack hight than there Wooden Venetian counterparts.

This makes them the preferred choice for doorways as it leaves more headroom.

In addition they are lighter than a Wooden Venetians, so much easier to operate. This is particularly evident with large blinds.

If you can not get a blind the width of your patio doors, use more than one blind with the join in line with any frame.

Aluminium Venetians Facts

  • Brushed Aluminium is the most popular colour, it has a very modern look.
  • The Aluminium Slats are much thinner than wood, so they take up less room when pulled up.
  • There is a vast range of colours and finishes, popular in Kitchens are Red or Green.
  • Dark colours absorb more light at the window, so can tone down a strong south facing window.

Some Things To Be Aware Of

  • Although the slats are Aluminium, some components are steel, so must not be left down on a moist sill.
  • Aluminium is great at controlling Solar Heat, but less useful at insulating them.

All fittings supplied

All of the fittings required to fit your Venetian Blind are also supplied along with instructions and a Child Safety device.

FREE Sample Service

To help you decide on the right colour of your Blind we also offer a FREE Sample Service, so you can get a real sample of the Slats, to allow you to see it in the room it will be positioned.

3 Year Guarantee

All of our Made to Measure Venetian come with a 3 Year Guarantee as we only use manufacturers we know we can rely on.

FREE Delivery

There is also FREE Delivery on all orders over £99.

Expert Advice

We have a “Live Chat” system so you can ask questions live to assist you in making decisions.

You will also find advice on how to Measure and Fit Aluminium Venetian Blinds in the How To section.

Ask us your questions, where possible include a photo, they say a 1000 words.

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