Why are Easy Fit Blinds only available in a few colour choices?

Easy Fit Blinds are the most cost effective of the ‘No Drilling Required’ style of Blinds. To keep the costs down they are only manufactured in a limited range of colours.

Can I buy Easy Fit Blinds using any of the Aluminium Blind Colours?

No, in order to keep the costs down Easy Fit is only available in a select number of our most popular colours.

How do I install an Easy Fit Blind?

Start at the top, simply slip the left hand headrail tab in-between the rubber gasket and the glass then angle the right hand headrail tab so that it slips between the gasket and the glass and push up into place. Repeat this with the Bottom bar tabs. The Easy Fit Blind comes Pretensioned and is ready to use immediately. If required then use the suppled packing wedges on the left and right to secure the blind in place.

Can I fit an Easy Fit Pleated Blind Upside-down?

Yes, for even more flexibility the Easy Fit Pleated Blinds can be fitted so that they pull up from the bottom instead of down from the top. The innovative magnet fixing on the headrail and bottom rail ensure that the blind remains closed.

Are Easy Fit Blinds Child Safe?

Yes, Easy Fit are completely Child Safe.

What is the Smallest size Easy Fit Blinds I can have?

The smallest width for an Easy Fit Blind is 330mm (3.3cm)

The smallest drop for an Easy Fit Blind is 195mm (1.95cm)

What is the largest Easy Fit Blind I can have?

The largest Width for an Easy Fit Blind is 1060mm (106cm)

The Longest Drop for an Easy Fit Blind is 2200mm (220cm)

What are Easy Fit Blinds?

Easy Fit Blinds are innovative blinds which can be fitted with No Drilling Required to most UPVc windows and Doors which have a Rubber Gasket. They are designed to fit closely to the glass.

What Blind Styles are Available in the Easy Fit System?

Currently Easy Fit is available with either Aluminium Venetian, Pleated or Honeycomb Pleated finishes.

What Colours do the Easy Fit Headrails and Bottom Bars come in?

Currently Easy Fit Blinds are only available with White Headrails and Bottom Rails

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