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Why Choose a Roman Blind?

Why Choose a Roman Blind?

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Temporary Blinds

Looking to blockout that sunshine or wanting temporary privacy until your blinds arrive. Click through to purchase temporary blind today.

Roman Blinds

This product can offer excellent insulation porperties and will also give the room a quailty feel due to the natural of the fabric. Unlike curtains you can go for a luxury look that really showcase your room without spending massive amounts.

Roman Blinds

Roman Blinds give a much warmer and softer feel than other blinds due to the soft contours of the fabric, they also take up a great deal less room than Curtains and so can make the room feel larger.

Thermal Properties

All of our Roman Blinds come lined as standard and there is also the opportunity to have an interlining, this is a thicker lining in-between the face fabric and the back lining which increases the insulation properties of the Blind as well as give it a little more body and character.

Great Partner Blind

Roman Blinds are an excellent Blackout option if you go for the version with Blackout lining, frequently fitted above the recess and a Voile Roller Blind put inside the recess so when the Roman is up you still have control of Privacy during the day.

Roman Blind Facts

  • They all come lined and so are great at keeping the heat in particularly when interlined.
  • We can supply Romans on a chain control headrail so it always raises evenly.
  • They make a room feel much larger than bulky curtains.
  • They can be placed above radiators rather than in front and so heat is not directed out.
Things To Be Aware Of

  • They always have a stack of between 160mm and 210mm and so are better placed around 150mm above the recess.
  • When placing outside the recess add around 50mm extra each side of the width of the sill if a similar size.
  • Our Roman Blinds have safety releases to hold the cords to the fabric, if these come loose they just click together.
  • Fabrics are generally 1400mm wide and so if it is a wider blind it will have joins.
  • The Blackout lining is stitched to the face fabric to ensure they fold neatly and so may have small stitch holes.

Choosing Blinds By Use

Why Choose a Roman

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