What screw should I use to hang a blind?

Ideal screw type depends on the blind and how its being fixed.

If fixing a roller blind back to a UPVC or Wooden window frame then use a 12mm x no8 self tapping screw, ensure you pilot first to ensure that the screw does not run of to one side when tightened.

For fixing with a rawl plug use a good quality No 4 x 40mm wood screw, you can use 30mm with some rawl plugs but check their specification first.

If its a damp area then you may wish to consider a stainless steel screw to prevent corrosion but be gentle as they are more brittle than a normal screw.

Why choose a vertical blind with Chainless Bottom weights?

Vertical blinds have traditionally been provided with a weight in the bottom of the slat with a clip on each side for a stabilizing chain.

Unfortunately these tend to be the most venerable part of the blind with the chains or clips on the weighs being broken by chairs, children and pets.

We provide all of our Vertical blinds with a fully stitched bottom pocket and a heavier chainless weight design.

This improves the overall robustness of the blind and improved its expected lifespan.

The look of the chainless weights is much cleaner and gives a great look that makes a highly noticeable improvement on dark fabrics particularly.

How do you fix Roller Blinds in a bend such as a Bay Window?

Roller Blinds are not the first choice for splay Bay Window but can be a good choice for Square Bays and Conservatories.

When measuring you must remember that the blinds cannot over lap or be bent.

One Roller Blind goes all of the way into the corner of the bend and the width of the other is shortened by the depth of the bracket.

You can find the depth of our brackets on the Bay Window measuring instructions.

Do think carefully which blind you wish to be shorter as it can make a difference to the shading and privacy provided.

Which are the best blinds for Child Safety?

Several children die every year in the UK due to cords and chains on Blinds.

You can fix safety devices such as cleats or a chain tensioner to improve safety but the best option is to avoid the situation all together.

Wand operated Vertical blinds have no dangerous chains or cords and are operated be moving the wand to the side which is a much safer option.

All of our Vertical blinds also come with chainless vertical weights that again remove the chains from the bottom of the blind where they are venerable.

I have a wide window & want a wood blind.

Once wooden venetians exceed 240cm they jump in price substantially as they are quite unwieldy.

I would suggest fitting more than one with the join aligned with any vertical bars on the window so it is hidden from outside and looks continuous.

50mm slats are ideal for wide blinds as they look good proportionally to the whole recess.

Should I have tapes on my Venetian Blind

Tapes are a great addition to Wooden Venetian Blinds as they can be used to give some interest and cover the slat pinched where the weight cords run.

Take care though if there is more than one blind they will may irregular spacing if they are different sizes.

How do I measure for a new blind?

Firstly use a metric measuring tape and record all of you measurements in mm as they are more accurate to communicate.

Measure the width in 3 places, top, middle and bottom. If there are any narrow points in the recess then ensure that is one of the points used.

Measure the drop in 3 places, left, middle and right.

Now enter the smallest width and the shortest drop into the measurement options on our website and select recess size.

Thats it, the manufacturer will make the industry standard adjustments to make your blind.


How much would you add on each side of a Blind when fixing outside the recess?

Roman Blinds

When Measuring for Roman Blinds I would normally add 150mm to the Recess drop, so the fabric is just below the the Recess when the Blind is raised.

For the sides, if there is room I would add 50mm, to the Recess Widthon each side, or if its a similar size, the width of the sill.

When you fit the blind it can then be aligned to the sill, that looks great.

These Measurements would be ordered “Actual Size”.

Roller Blinds

With Roller Blinds you would add 100mm to the Recess drop and again 50mm, to the Recess Width, on each side as before. However remember to order the Roller “Fabric Size”.

The Brackets and the controls of the Roller will protrude by around 18mm past the fabric on each side, so ensure you have enough clearance.

How do you drill through a steel lintel?

Pilot the hole first with a 3-4mm multipurpose drill bit.

Then swap to a titanium coated drill bit to cut through the steel.

To assist on a thick lintel try the following tricks:

1) Swap between a traditional drill bit and a bullet tip bit, this changes the cutting shape.

2) Use a cooling past on the drill bits to avoid overheating.


Where should you mount a roman blind?

Roman blinds are ideal for mounting outside the recess.

When measuring aim to get around 80% of the blind above the top of the recess and each side of the roman in line with the ends of the sill if its symmetrical.


Expert Answers to our FAQ’s

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