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Using Cutting Paste, Tiles and Lintels.


Using Cutting Paste  Tiles and Lintels.

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Use Cutting Paste for Hard Metal Lintel’s

Most new homes now have metal lintels above the window recess to take the weight of the structure above, as homes evolve these have become more difficult to drill through, particularly in wide openings such as patio doors.

A titanium coated bit is usually the best choice as the titanium coating is extremely strong and does not blunt as fast.

The other issue that can arise is that the bit stops cutting and just rotates, this effectively polishes the area where the drill meets the lintel stopping any progress, this is made worse by the fact that the tip of the drill bit heats up and become blunt and damaged.

To avoid this situation use a Cutting Paste.

A Cutting Paste has 2 great features.
1) It keeps the tip of the drill bit cool and so stops it heating up and becoming blunt.
2) It lubricated the bit where it meets the lintel and lubricates the area so that the bit remains effective whilst cutting into the lintel.

To use just pre drill the recess to the lintel, then get a brand new bit and dip the tip in the paste to ensure a good coating.

This should make the task of drilling into the lintel much easier and ensure you get a good clean hole for your fixings. Make sure you get as far through the lintel as you can so that you can have a strong fixing for the blind to hang from. If you keep it to weak then you have a high chance of the blind you have installed falling down.

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