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Choosing Bedroom Blinds.

Choosing Bedroom Blinds

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Choosing Bedroom Blinds


Points to consider when buying Bedroom Blinds.

When it comes to our personal space we like to be relaxed and enjoy being in that certain location, blinds play an important part of making us feel content, relaxed and comfortable. For a bedroom you have the choice of all products we have to offer, you may wish to have a blackout property on certain fabrics or you may wish to just have a fabric that will dim out the light. Insulation is a big factor that may factor in to you feeling more comfortable in your bed or maybe you want privacy as the main factor for your windows, we accommodate all of these factors and provide products that can eliminate most of your worries.


Blackout is the biggest branch on our tree when it comes to customer choice in a bedroom, light from a street light or the change in seasons waking you up early in the morning. We have fabrics that can eliminate most of the light that may stream in through your windows and they come in many different colours and styles. If it is blackout that you require we recommend Roman Blinds, Curtains and Roller blinds as they provide the most blackout in a recess space, we do offer blackout in other products such as Vertical blinds but to get the most out of a blackout fabric we recommend going for a product that will cover the most of the recess without to many gaps.


Thermal properties are important if you have a cold house you want to contain as much heat as possible in order to keep the costs of your heating down. For a bedroom it is important that this is taken into consideration especially when winter arrives, very few of us like to get into a cold bed and enjoy the idea of getting up in the morning in a cold room, but with products such as Roman blinds or Curtains you can manage to keep in majority of the heat making you a lot more comfortable when getting in and out of bed. We offer interning options for you soft furnishing products that can allow for blackout properties and Thermal giving you the best of both to eliminate both issues at once.


You can always double up on blinds, having a roller blind in the recess and a roman blind outside the recess makes for a very interesting window covering. This would also double the blackout impact and also insulate your room that little bit more.  This is becoming a very popular practice as it dresses the window very nicely giving for a nice eye piece when showing guests around.

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