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Choosing Energy Efficient Blinds.


Choosing Energy Efficient Blinds.

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Choosing Energy Efficient Blinds

Energy Efficient Blinds

18% of Energy Loss in UK homes is through windows, according to the Energy Saving Trust.

Blinds and Curtains of any kind can make a great difference and save you money.

When calculating the specific heat loss depends on your window type, and many other variables, as to which option is best as every home is different.

So for simplicity we have ranked our products GOOD, BETTER or BEST to indicate their comparable effectiveness.

If you were to put blinds in each of your windows, you could expect to save around £96 per year. This increases with our Better and Best Ranges.

It is also important to consider blinds that will offer shade, to stop you home overheating in the Summer.

Blackout Roller Blinds – Better

Research from Glasgow University that Roller Blinds, fitted to a single glazed window, could reduce heat loss by up to 40%. Thats a similar performance to a pair of Curtains.

If choosing a Roller Blind for energy efficiency, Blackout Fabrics tend to outperform other options.

To improve Energy Efficiency it is better to face fix a roller blind, around 100mm above the recess and order the blind fabric size. Adding 100mm on to the recess width.

Ensure you have at least 88mm additional clearance on each side of the blind, this allows for the gearing and the brackets.

Wood Venetian Blinds – Better

Wood is naturally a good insulator. This is why it performs 1000x better than Aluminium at preventing the transfer of heat.

Fully Lined Roman Blinds – Best

As all of our Roman Blinds come with a lining, which together with the Face Fabric sandwiches a layer of air in the window recess. It acts in a similar way to double glazing, making them a great option to improve the Energy Efficiency of your home.

If you opt for either a Blackout Lining, or Interlining, the performance improved due to the thermal properties of the alternative linings.

Fully Lined Curtains – Best

Our Curtains, just like our Roman Blinds, all come fully lined and so will perform to the same level.

Ensure they are fitted outside the recess where possible and select a track with an overlap arm to decrease draughts.

Again, if you opt for either a Blackout Lining or Interlining, the performance is improved due to the thermal properties of the alternative linings.

All fittings supplied

All of the fittings required to fit your blinds are also supplied along with instructions and a Child Safety device.

FREE Sample Service

To help you decide on the right colour of your Blinds we also offer a FREE Sample Service, so you can get a real sample of the Fabric, to allow you to see it in the room it will be positioned.

3 Year Guarantee

All of our Made to Measure Blinds and Curtains come with a 3 Year Guarantee as we only use manufacturers we know we can rely on.

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There is also FREE Delivery on all orders over £99.

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You will also find advice on how to Measure and Fit Venetian Blinds in the How To section.

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