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Choosing Anti Bacterial Blinds.

Anti Bacterial

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Choosing Anti Bacterial Blinds

Anti Bacterial Blinds

Our Anti Bacterial Fabrics undergo an additional process, to create an anti microbial effect.

They are treated to be effective against the growth of micro organisms, these qualities continue, throughout the life of the fabric.

Anti Bacterial Fabrics were produced initially for commercial premises. They are used in Hospitals, Dentists, Doctors Surgeries of Nursery Schools.

However they are also a fantastic choice for use in the Kitchen, Bathroom and Baby’s Nursery.

Roller Blinds

Roller Blinds are an ideal choice, in such environments, as there are a wide range of Anti Bacterial Fabrics available.

The other advantage is that you can bring them down just clear of the sill, so they don’t come into contact with the surface.

Vertical Blinds

Vertical Blinds are also a good choice as the slats hang short of the sill, so don’t come into contact with any surface.

We Upgrade all of our Vertical Blinds with Wand Operated Controls and Chainless Bottom Pockets for FREE.

This removes the need for operating chains and makes them completely Child Safe by Design.

The Stitched bottom pockets are also great for durability as they don’t have chains.

You can have the slats draw to either the left or right depending on your individual circumstances.

All fittings supplied

All of the fittings required to fit your blinds are also supplied along with instructions and a Child Safety device.

FREE Sample Service

To help you decide on the right colour of your Blinds we also offer a FREE Sample Service, so you can get a real sample of the Fabric, to allow you to see it in the room it will be positioned.

3 Year Guarantee

All of our Made to Measure Blinds come with a 3 Year Guarantee as we only use manufacturers we know we can rely on.

Expert Advice

We have a “Live Chat” system so you can ask questions live to assist you in making decisions.

You will also find advice on how to Measure and Fit Venetian Blinds in the How To section.

Ask us your questions, where possible include a photo, they say a 1000 words.

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Free Advice
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Free Delivery
Orders over £79

Free Samples
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