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Choosing Bathroom Blinds.

Choosing Bathroom Blinds.

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Choosing Bathroom Blinds.

Do you know what would be best for your bathroom? 

When it comes to bathrooms a lot of houses have frosted glass to protect your innocence from naughty eyes but a lot of people like to add a bit of colour to the room or follow a theme. What you need to take into account when putting a blind in a bathroom is that it is going to get wet and if you have a window that sits directly over a shower then it is going to get very wet. We offer products that have been specifically made to withstand moisture and last for a long period of time.


Roller blinds

Roller blinds come in a vast variety of colours and styles and we have a large range of fabrics that can withstand moisture and allow an accent of colour into your bathroom. Not only can the material be water resistance but it can also be scrubbable allowing you added benefit of being able to clean off any thing that may find itself on your blinds. The fabric that can be scrubbable and withstand moisture is made of a PVC material so it is very unlikely for it to absorb any moisture that it will come across making it perfect for a bathroom.



Faux wood

The perfect product to withstand moisture and is a fairly new product to hit the market. It delivers great control of light and also with the right colour choice can add a sense of warm to the room. The faux wood range only come in a select amount of colours and finishes but can really be vital to a room that will get very moist. Unlike wood the polyvinyl material doesn’t absorb moisture so it doesn’t swell and warp when it has been exposed to moisture.



We recommend using one of the following products in a highly moist area as they are the most likely not to produce any issues in the future with a constant attack of moisture.

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