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What to Expect

We specify made to measure products, according to your dimensions and preferences.

This means that you should pay careful attention when entering the sizes to match your windows. There are no returns or refunds for wrong measurements ordered by the customer. This is because we are unable to resell custom made to measure products and therefore offer refunds or replacements. Despite the use of high precision machines used in the manufacturing process, there is a 3 to 6mm tolerance and we cannot replace blinds found within this margin.
You should understand that when you place an order, the actual product might be slightly different in colour, as monitor colours may vary depending on hardware.
Some of the graphical illustrations have been composed from scans of the real samples, however limitations with scanning and composing graphics means they may vary slightly from the actual product. If you are looking for a specific colour, we suggest that you order free samples before placing an order for blinds.
Some of the products are named differently from those used by the manufacturers, therefore the name on the delivery labels may vary. Please match the sample to the received item to ensure that your order is indeed correct. With some blinds, the received products may have a different drop within the specified maximum limit. This, however, does not affect the operation of the blinds as some blinds allow any drop.

Wooden Venetian Blinds.

Wood is a natural material and so some variation in shade and colour should be expected, even for painted finishes minor imperfections not readily apparent at a distance of four feet under ordinary light should be expected. There may also be a certain degree of warp and twist in the slats over their lifetime and this is more extreme on smaller slat sizes.
Faux Wood Blinds are a better alternative in Bathrooms, Kitchens and condensation/humidity prone areas as moisture may effect real wooden blinds and lead to cracking and an increased degree of warping. Wooden venetian blinds have optimal ideal drops in relation to their slat size and therefore the bottom slat/s may be at a slightly different angle and spacing in relation to the other slats, this will vary for each recess. Selected ranges of wooden venetian blinds have a slave slat that covers the bottom bar and it components, there will sometimes be two at certain blind drops.
We sell a selection of 100% natural wood blinds, which may suffer colour alterations depending on the timbers used in the production, even from one batch to the other. As a result, we urge customers to place their order as soon as they receive the samples in the mail. Our wood blinds are primarily made of basswood or pearlwood and stained to match other wood colours. These can bear different names on our website, as well as those used by the manufacturer’s.
It is important that you are aware of the fact that the blinds industry uses different wood species to allow a better operation due to the weight of some woods.

Roman Blinds
 & Curtains.

Blackout roman blinds will have stitch holes across the blind where the rods attach, as this is how the lining is secured to the face fabric.
Blinds & curtains over a certain size may have joins and these are more visible with certain fabric choices.

Vertical & Roller Blinds.

Please be aware that some fabrics take on the shape of the storage container during transportation and this should fall out after regular use.
 Although blackout vertical blinds are available they do not provide a high level of blackout, particularly in door recesses. 
Care must be taken with Vertical Blinds that drop near to the floor as they are far more vulnerable to accidental damage which is not covered under the guarantee.

Child Safety Information.

Safety devices reduce the risk of strangulation but cannot be considered foolproof.
Elimination of this type of risk can be achieved by keeping cords, chains, tapes and similar out of the reach of children.
You must not install the blind without having the child safety device installed as well.
If for any reason you cannot find the device you must contact us for a replacement and only after proceed with installation.

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Free Advice
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Free Delivery
Orders over £79

Free Samples
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