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Temporary Blinds – A cost effective solution to window covering

Chocolate Temporary Blind
Temporary blind in Chocolate

Temporary Blinds may be the solution to one of the issues caused by Covid-19

Covid-19 has caused many issues across the world.

Delays are inevitable on Made to Measure window dressings such as Shutters, leaving many windows uncovered. And, of course, the sun is out meaning that rooms get hotter and its more difficult to see the TV!

There is a solution, Temporary Blinds. Delivered directly to your door within a matter of days. Just cut these self adhesive blinds down to fit any size window. We have Room darkening and dim-out versions, so they are equally useful in bedrooms as well as living spaces.

The simple design of these blinds means they can be installed in minutes and easily removed once the lockdown is over and your blinds are ready to be fitted. This makes them the perfect solution for this time

Just cut to the required width, peel back the adhesive tape and stick. Voila, privacy, room darkening or shading in a simple step. Tip: clean the area with White spirit to ensure good adhesion.

Avoid sticking these to plaster as removal may result in some damage to the paintwork. It is better to adhere to the window frame.

 Showing the process of Fitting a Temporary Blind
Fitting a Temporary Blind

When you require light simply pleat the blind back up and secure using the clips supplied, it really is as easy as that.

Showing the use of clips on a temporary blind
clips on a Temporary Blind

Removal is easy, just peel the blind off the window and clean the area with a cleaning solution such as white spirit

Take a look at our collection of Temporary Blinds here and with 20% off 2 or more, there has never been a better time to buy.