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Reducing Noise Levels With Window Coverings.

Reducing Noise Levels With Window Coverings.

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How can I reduce noise levels from my windows?

We all know that sound travels in waves, however did you know that these waves can be disrupted and this reduces the sound levels. The best way to disrupt the sound waves is to put something in the way and the best thing to do this has an undulating or pleated effect.

The good news is that there are several low cost solutions with this feature which will help reduce noise levels through your windows.


Adelphi-Curtain-TruffleCurtains are a very effective solution. For the best effect ensure that you have a large overlap on all sides of the window. An overlap of at least 35cm on the left and right and 25cm top and bottom will achieve the best acoustic insulation.

A pinch pleated header on the curtains will help to produce the all important undulations.

It is also important to have a lining on the curtains, a blackout lining is best, although a standard lining will help.

The choice of material for the curtains his also important. A velvet or suede effect fabric has small microfibres which also help absorb the noise.

One of our best sellers is our Luster Mullberry Pinch Pleat Lined Curtains. This beautiful thick fabric has all the listed attributes, and it looks lovely too!


Roman Blinds


Roman Blinds Not only Look Beautiful, They Are Great Insulators

Another effective solution is Roman Blinds especially if they have a thicker blackout lining.

Again, by choosing a heavy velvet or suede fabric, the micro fibres will absorb more sound.


Honeycomb Pleated Blinds


Easy-Lift Honeycomb Pleated Blind – Available Soon

The pleats in these blinds coupled with the air gaps produced by the honeycomb give a 2 pronged approach to noise reduction, making these a good solution.

Keep an eye out for our fully adjustable Easy Lift Honeycomb Blinds, Available Soon.




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