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Roller Blinds

Striped Roller Blind

Roller Blinds are available in a wide range of colours and patterns, this makes them a versatile window covering for any room in the house.

In the past roller blinds were most commonly found in Bathroom and Kitchens as they are ultimately practical, and, in some cases, waterproof.

With the introduction of a huge range of new and exciting fabrics these cost effective blinds can make a statement in any room in the house.

There is now a massive variety of roller blind fabrics to suit every decor. I will list some of the most popular types


Voile Roller Blind
These most commonly take the place of a net curtain and are excellent for ensuring privacy during the day.

Much the same as net curtains, you do need to have something else such as a pair of curtains to draw when you put the lights on inside.

Voiles are available in a number of different colours and some even come with patterns which give them a different dimension.

 Light Diffusing or Dim-out Rollers

Dim Out Roller Blind
This style of roller blinds is really suited to rooms where Blackout is not required, but where these are the only window covering.

They will diffuse the light, but the fabric is thicker and cannot be seen through.

This style of roller blinds has the greatest choice of colours and patterns and can be used very effectively to make a statement in any room

 Blackout Rollers

Black Out Roller Blind
The fabric on this style of roller blinds will stop any light from coming through, so is great for use in bedrooms.

In the past has come in mainly plain colours, there are now a large range of beautiful patterned and textured blackout fabrics.

Blackout Roller Blinds can be an excellent choice in childrens bedrooms as they are cost effective and can be changed as the children grow and change

Don’t forget all the look of any of these roller blinds can be changed by adding a scallop, Cafe pole or some braid along the bottom!