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Using Mitre Glue for Joins.



Using Mitre Glue
for Joins

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Use Mitre Glue for Wooden Venetian Headrails

When fixing Wooden Venetian Blinds outside the recess they are supplied with a small section to attach at each end of the  headrail to return to the wall and give a great uniform finish.

The blind come supplied with a small angles metal joining piece, to fix the return to the headrail, but this can be tricky to get in place with good alignment.

To make the job easier us some 2 part mitre glue.

This is a high strength glue in 2 component parts which is very strong and easy to apply as follows.
1) Only apply adhesives in a well ventilated area.
2) Get both components, the headrail and the return, and ensure they are both completely clean and dry, particularly on the joins.
3) Apply the Mitre Glue liquid to the return end and keep away from the side which is visible when installed.
4) Liberally spray the other component onto the headrail end ensuring the surface is fully covered, do be careful of surrounding items though.
5) Hold the headrail and return together for 20 to 30 seconds to give the glue chance to set.
6) How you should have a neatly joined return.

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