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All of our products comply with EN 13120 making them fully Child Safety Compliant.

However child safety is not just for people with children, consider the following examples:

  1. You are having a shower and you slip on the soap and get tangled up with the chain from your blind, what could the worst case scenario be, as most of us have slipped in the bath.
  2. Also you may not have children but do you ever have any visitors with children even if infrequently, most of us hid behind the curtains when we were children and we visited our parents friends homes.
  3. You move home and it is bought by a couple with children.


Firstly where possible opt for products which are Child Safe By Design wherever possible, this is always the safest option.

All of our products that are not Safe By Design will be provided with the following.

  • Safety Devices.
  • Fitting Instructions.
  • Warning Labels.


Fit the safety devices as detailed in the instructions.

In the Bathroom always ensure any operating cords or loops are on the oppressive side of where a slip is possible.

In the Nursery or Bedroom always ensure any operating cords or loops are well away from the cot, bed, etc.

Ensure every member of the household is aware of how to operate the safety device.

Ensure that the safety device is used correctly every time.


Fit the product if you do not have a copy in the box, please let us know and we will arrange for a copy to be sent.

Fit the product without the safety devices correctly installed.


Do not put furniture below the area of any operating cords or loops and children are naturally inquisitive and may climb on them.

Ask us your questions, where possible include a photo, they say a 1000 words.

We also have a twitter feed that covers some of our inspiration ideas and top tips @DBlindsCurtains.